i love star trek a lot you have been warned *~*~*~*~ currently on hiatus ~*~*~*~  monkey(s) on nitrous oxide



maybe the best vine ever

im so close to completely losing it im working so hard on school and myself but ive been crying every single day sometimes more than once and i don’t cry!! im not a crier but ive been crying so much and i had a breakdown just now in front of my mom which was embarrassing and i have no non-destructive coping skills other than crying and watching every single disney movie on netflix

breaking my hiatus (again) for a moment to let you know i’ve made a charahub profile with stuff about my ocs here. i just spent like an hour working on it and it’s still super incomplete but gotta start somewhere right

i am having a really hard time staying off tumblr and i’m allowing myself to make this one text post then i have to go away again

distractions are good so i don’t spend too much time in my own head but it’s hard when you spend so much time alone… my mom probably hates me bc i won’t leave her alone but she’s the only one who’s consistently around